The most accurate piece of technology you will ever pee on!

While watching the Deadliest Catch marathon on Discovery Channel tonight a commercial came on that caught our eye.

It was for “Clear Blue Easy”…

Clear Blue Easy Commercial

If I EVER get preggers again, this is a product I will use. Rarely does advertising actually appeal to me this much!

Great JOB!

“The most accurate piece of technology you will ever pee on!!!”

Flat Tire

I was sitting in Subway last week eating lunch and feeding Breighton. We always sit up by the window so we can people and weather watch. This lady pulled up in a dodge car and I noticed that she had a flat tire. I figured if she came in I would tell her or I would leave a note on my way out. Anyway… There were two ladies sitting behind me at the hightop tables chatting away. They were talking about the flat tire and how that has to ruin your day and everything. One remarked to the other “We should go tell her.” The ladies responded “naaa, she should be okay it is only half flat, just the bottom.” The other lady agreed “oh yeah, your right, she should be fine.”

I nearly fell out of my chair. They just let anyone walk our planet, brains are NOT required, huh??

More great news

I just found out that my OTHER cousin and his wife are expecting too!!!! Holy Babies batman!! David and I have been talking about #2. I want another child but think i need to mentally prepare a bit more. I am just to the point where Breighton isn’t too much of a handful anymore. I need a bit of a break before going through all the ups and downs again. But I guess 9 months of being pregnant is a break. right??

Great News

I found out the other day that my cousin Tim and his wife Laine are expecting a child in July of this year! 🙂 CONGRATS! I am very excited to know that Wendy and I are not the only ones of our generation to keep the families going! YIPPIEE!!

Nothing much else going on here other than BUSY BUSY BUSY! Breighton is keeping me running around like crazy. He just wants to crawl around his crib instead of sleep in it! Hopefully this will pass in the next few days or week! I need my sleep again.

My milk production had a major crash and I am taking Reglan to try to get it back so we don’t have to resort to formula. So far so good! 🙂 Funny thing is Reglan is prescribed for “reflux” but taking in high dosages helps women with milk production. (If that is more than you wanted to know…tough cookies!!!)

Well, off to try to get B to sleep… For a little while at least.


Kinda Boring…

Not much really going on lately. Just getting ready for the holidays and finishing last minute whatevers. Today my highlight was repairing Christmas ornaments that the cats have knocked off the tree. FUN WITH CRAZY GLUE! I managed to only glue myself to the ornament ONCE! Thank you very much! D’oh!

Breighton has been sleeping a bit better which is a big help to me. He has been napping pretty much on schedule with very little fussing now. I can’t wait for his first Chirstmas! 🙂 I am excited to spend the holidays with a BUNCH of family. Like the old days.

Lately life is: Breighton, laundry, dishes and repeat…
Maybe after Christmas I will find more time to do things for ME when he naps… The housework is still overwhelming but getting better. Once it is all done I think it will be easier to maintain. We DID get a large part of the house baby proffed this past weekend… FINALLY! 🙂 Yet Breighton still manages to wack his head into things. Poor kiddo!

Off to relax now that B is down (hopefully for the night)!

Happy Holidays to all! Thanks for reading and we will try harder to post more often. I know everyone keeps asking for more pictures of Breighton. We have taken a ton and will be hopefully putting together a slide show for at Christmas… HOPEFULLY…If i can finish it! 🙂